“YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE! SHUT THE F**K UP, RUSSELL WESTBROOK!”: Kendrick Perkins serves the Lakers star up with a harsh reality check after his recent comments criticizing Frank Vogel

Kendrick Perkins fires at Russell Westbrook, for his comments regarding why he believes he should be playing in crunch time for the Lakers


At this point, we’d say, it’s pretty safe to say that Frank Vogel has absolutely no trust left in Russell Westbrook whatsoever. And frankly, it only makes sense.

Over the past 5 games, Brodie has been averaging 12.2 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 8.0 assists, while shooting 33.3% from the field, 23.5% from deep, and 52% from the free-throw line. With those numbers, of course, Vogel stopped playing him during crunch time.

But, even with the facts being what they are, it seems that Westbrook is still not happy about being taken out during the most important times, and even had this to say to the media.

We get that Russ wants to believe in himself no matter what, and to a large part, that is what made him such a great player during his earlier days. But now, we don’t think those comments are the right ones to make exactly, especially to the media. And it appears that we aren’t the only ones of this opinion.

Kendrick Perkins recently made some massive comments about Russell Westbrook, and where he believes he should be. And let’s just say, you’re going to want to hear it.


Kendrick Perkins accuses Russell Westbrook of not working on his game despite all his comments

Big Perk has never really been the kind of guy to hold his tongue, no matter where he may be speaking. And frankly, as fans and reporters of the game, we couldn’t appreciate him anymore for it.

When Perk says something, he absolutely means it. And the man meant to say quite a bit about Russell Westbrook’s comments. Take a look.

We can’t help but agree with Kendrick Perkins here.

Russell Westbrook has gotten chances on top of chances to prove himself. For now, all the man should really do is work his way back up. It’s either that or being traded away from his hometown team.

Though, to be fair, that might happen anyway.

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