“You know who you can call Ja Morant right now? You can call him Kevin Durant”: Stephen A. Smith makes a sensational claim, comparing the 22-year old to the two-time Finals MVP

Television personality Stephen A. Smith compares Ja Morant to Kevin Durant, the common link being both were drafted into the league as the second pick.

Ja Morant is officially the first player in Grizzlies’ franchise history to have a 50-point performance. The former ROTY put on a spectacle against the Spurs, giving the home crowd their money’s worth. Standing at 6″3′, Morant’s athletic ability is one of a kind.

In only his first All-Star selection, Morant began as a starter and had the dunk of the night. The 22-year old has not only made a case for the MIPY but MVP as well. Recently, Sixers legend Allen Iverson tweeted a photo of Morant’s jersey on his MVP trophy, captioning it sooner or later.

Thus with comparisons coming in, it was a matter of time before the topic found itself for discussion on ESPN’s popular show First Take. While speaking of Morant’s record-breaking performance, veteran analyst Stephen A. Smith said,

“You can call him Kevin Durant.”

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Smith substantiated his argument, saying both these superstars were the second pick in their respective drafts, adding the first pick in both their draft classes’ were mired with injuries.

Stephen A. Smith addresses Ja Morant as Kevin Durant.

Well, this is certainly not the first or last time that Smith has made such a bold statement. In the past as well, the First Take analyst hasn’t hesitated to make sensational claims, such as calling Devin Booker the next Kobe Bryant or declaring Donovan Mitchell as the greatest Jazz player ever.

And Smith was back this week with another statement, addressing Morant as KD, the analyst said the following.

“You know who you can call Ja Morant right now, ladies and gentleman? You can call him Kevin Durant.”

To back his powerful statement, Smith gave the following reasons.

“Like Kevin Durant, Ja Morant was the no. 2 overall pick, like KD, he’s gonna be the guy we’re talking about. Greg Oden went down, obviously, perpetual knee injuries, negated his career, and we understand that he was the no. 1 overall pick. Kevin Durant was no.2. While Zion Williamson no.1 overall pick, who’s no 2? Ja Morant.”

Smith was referring to the plethora of injuries that Zion has been through, similar to Oden. Though this might be a common link between Morant and Durant, it is too early to mention the Grizzlies guard on the same lines as KD.

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In what it seems, Morant has already established himself as the greatest player to don the Grizzlies uniform in only his third season.



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