“You thought you was Kobe? You’re not Kobe, Why are you talking, Paul Pierce?”: Despite being a Hall of Fame player, The Truth did not end his career with a swansong

Paul Pierce had a legendary career – but it did not end like how other peers bowed out from the game 

After winning the 2008 Finals MVP, Paul Pierce was on top of the world. He had just beaten his arch-rivals and Kobe Bryant to the championship while being crowned the best player in the series. That he would go on to retire in anonymity, even he could not fathom.

Nine years after his peak year, Pierce ended up playing garbage minutes during his last season. Playing for the Los Angeles Clippers during their “Lob City Era”, The Truth caught no lobs. He didn’t catch much really, playing 11-minutes a game and scoring 3-points. Every player dreams of having the best start and the most fitting finish, but Paul did not get the latter.

His last game came against the Sacramento Kings, playing a paltry 2-minutes and scoring an absolute duck across the board. A stark comparison to what his compatriots achieved in their last game. Kobe Bryant, his eternal rival had a 60 piece in his last game, and yet Pierce was just brought on for the crowd to give him a pity send-off. Not what he would have had in mind.

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Paul Pierce went on a random spiral after retirement – he got fired from his broadcasting job

Paul Pierce took the beaten path of becoming an analyst after retirement – but he wasn’t good at it. He tried to be the clout chaser – controversial takes for attention-grabbing purposes. When that did not pan out, he went on Instagram live showing off intoxicants and what appeared to be a backdrop of women.

ESPN fired him with immediate effect, but Pierce brushed it off. “Even when I’m losing I’m winning,” he said. When you are a multi-millionaire you could say that. But then nothing can bring you back the respect lost from your peers and fans.

Paul Pierce was never a superstar – he was a great player, but never really resonated with the fans like how Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, or Dwyane Wade are remembered. Apart from the Celtics fanbase, nobody says their favorite player growing up was Paul “The Truth” Pierce.

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