“You win some, you lose some”: Jarrett Allen nonchalantly accepts his All-Star snub as LaMelo Ball is named as a replacement for Kevin Durant

Jarrett Allen takes to Twitter to react to getting snubbed as an All-Star once again with LaMelo Ball taking Kevin Durant’s place. 

Like the Memphis Grizzlies, the Cleveland Cavaliers are well ahead schedule with their Playoff seeding and subsequent contention in the postseason. Darius Garland was recognized for his clear development into an All-Star, leading the Cavs to a stellar 33-21 record, but Jarrett Allen unfortunately, has not been named to the ASG. 

Allen plays the DeAndre Ayton type role for the Cavaliers and plays it well. He’s a rim protector of the finest order while being a lob threat on the offensive end of the floor. His long reach coupled with him developing his footwork has led to some of the better posters we’ve seen this ‘22 season.

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Jarrett Allen is averaging 16.2 points on otherworldly efficiency, shooting 66.6% from the field. He’s also snagging 11.1 rebounds a game while blocking 1.4 shots a game. 

Despite clearly passing the eye test for what an All-Star should look like out on the court, the former Net did not make the cut even after an extra slot was added. 

Jarrett Allen reacts to not being named an All-Star yet again. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers, in theory, turned Dante Exum into Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert. Funnily enough, the two were teammates on the Brooklyn Nets and will now have a shot at making the Eastern Conference Finals together in Cleveland.

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Seems as though that bigger picture is more important for the young big as he took to Twitter to accept the fact that he wasn’t selected to the ASG in place of Kevin Durant. 

LaMelo Ball certainly deserves to be an All-Star this season but not over Jarrett Allen. The Utah Jazz for example, are a 4 seed with a worse record than the Cavs and they have an All-Star in Rudy Gobert. 

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