“Zion Williamson is unreal and unbelievably talented”: When Stephen Curry and LeBron James spoke highly of the NOLA superstar during his Duke Blue Devil days

During his one year at Duke University, Zion Williamson managed to impress several NBA players with his gameplay. Stephen Curry and LeBron James were just two of the many left in awe of the youngster.

Long before Zion Williamson was a dominant force for the New Orleans Pelicans in the league, the southpaw was playing basketball for Duke University. During his 1-year with the Blue Devils, Zion managed to develop into a generational star, who was hyped by several fans around the world, thanks to his unique style of play.

The 6-foot-7 forward concluded his college career by winning several trophies, shattering several records, and leaving the whole basketball world in awe of him. Early into the 2018-2019 college season, Williamson was projected by many to be the #1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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Not only was the 19-year-old grabbing the scout’s attention, superstars of the league couldn’t help but commend his game. LeBron James and Stephen Curry were just two of the many legends who took notice of Williamson.

When Zion Williamson received compliments from Stephen Curry and LeBron James while playing for Duke

According to USA Today’s Josh Peter, the Warriors MVP had lauded Zion:

“He’s unreal,”  Stephen Curry said of Williamson, according to USA Today‘s Josh Peter. “We were talking about him the other day in our team room. He has a lot of hype around him and he’s unbelievably talented, but you can’t teach, like, his passion and the way that … he plays. He plays hard every possession and I think that’s an underrated skill that kids can kind of emulate.”

Whereas, King James said:

“With his athleticism, with what we all see, to jump well beyond the 10-foot rim is incredible,” James said. “I think what’s also incredible is at his size his speed, his agility, his quickness. And then to add on to that, I think he’s just a great kid.”

Hearing compliments from two of the game’s greatest is an incredibly amazing feel. Zion had the same reaction:

“I mean, I guess it’s dope,” Williamson said. “Those are two of the best players in the league there. And then, I’m hoping to be there, like, competing against them next year.”

“It’s definitely an honor that he even thinks I’m a decent player,” said Williamson. “But at the same time, hopefully I’ll be competing against him next year, so I can’t really be too starstruck.”

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Little did a 19-year-old Zion know he would be competing with the two future Hall-Of-Famers at the highest level in the biggest league of the sport, only a year later.

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